2018 Start Paramotor Photograph

2017 Team leader German National Team Paramotor european championship CZ

2017 Trainer Austrian and German Nationalteam

2015 Dutch Paramotor SLALOM Open second Place

2015 Paramotor world SLALOM championship Poland

2014 Winner German Open

2014 Paramotor world championship Hungary

2014 Paramotor european SLALOM championship France

2012 Paramotor world championship Spain

2011 Great Britain Paramotor Open

2010 FAI Ann Welch Diplom

2010 Czech Republic Paramotor Open

2009 Winner of the worldwide paramotor XC-Contest

2009 FAI World record

2009 Begium Paramotor Open

2008 Paramotor european Championship Poland

2007 Paramotor world championship China

2006 Paramotor european championship Spain

2005 Paramotor world championship France

2004 Paramotor european championship Portugal

2003 Paramotor world championship Great Britain

2003 Member german paramotor national team

2001 Start Paramotoring

2000 Paragliding Worldcup

1999-2001 Member of german Parglidingleague

1996 first competition Paragliding

1988 first flght with a Paraglider

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